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Spiritual Pratitioner

Licensed Spiritual Practitioners are available to support you on your Sacred Path with spiritual mind treatment, a form of affirmative prayer.  A trained Spiritual Practitioner knows the truth of who you are when you forget and knows the truth of perfection behind all of life's challenges and difficult circumstances.   A Spiritual Practitioner can help guide you through the bumpy paths of life.

MonkeyBear Animal Chaplain Services

Having a pet is such a blessing and a joy!  They steal our hearts as nothing else can.  MonkeyBear Animal Chaplain Services is here to support you as you journey through life with your pet.  Services include:

  • Veterinarian visit support 
  • Blessings & Prayers
  • Euthanasia Support
  • Memorial & Celebration of Life Services
  • Grief Support

At Home Labyrinths

Your personal spiritual practice is the single best way to bring an evolved and ascended life into being and a Labyrinth walk is an important addition to your practice. It is also a great way to enhance your workshops and classes. Include a Labyrinth walk into your hero’s journey and see and feel the difference this sacred practice can bring into your life!

The Labyrinth is based on sacred geometry which are the basic patterns found in nature. A Labyrinth walk is a powerful personal experience. The overall well-being benefits are recognized by health and spiritual organizations all across North America. Many see walking the Labyrinth as a metaphor for life's spiritual journey. With that in mind, A Sacred Path Home Labyrinths are hand-drawn and include the artisan's caring intention as well as perfect imperfections. No two labyrinths are exactly the same and we trust that you will receive the one that is meant to be uniquely yours.

Prices start at $45 (as shown)

White Lily Burial Shrouds

A Sacred Path offers custom-made natural and green burial shrouds by White Lily Burial Shrouds.  White Lily believes that designing and creating custom, personalized shrouds is a sacred service and handcrafts each one with honour and love.  You will be guided through the selection of a beautiful burial shroud for yourself, for a loved one, or for a beloved animal family member.

  • A Basic Shroud Up to 4" 6" start at $400
  • 4' 7"- 5' 6"start at $450
  • 5' 7" start at $500
  • Pet Shrouds up to 30 lbs start at $75
  • 35 - 60 lbs $125
  • 61 - 120 lbs $175

"The art of living well and the art of dying well are one."


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